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To the seminar ” Helpers on the Edge – Ethical Aspects of Psychosocial Crisis Work”
Date: 25 October 2023
Place: Kloknerova 26, Praha 414, MV – General Directorate of the Fire Brigade of the Czech Republic
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Coronavirus COVID-19

Psychosocial consequences of the Corona virus pandemic outbreak
– 15th May 2020 See: (docx, 28 kB), presentation (pdf, 1085kB),
– 29th June, 2020 See: on-line meeting (pdf, 645kB), Brief report from the different European countries  (pdf, 1MB)

Updated information on COVID-19:  The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

Recommendations from our foreign partners (various languages)

The role of psychologists in Europe Guidelines and possible actions for psychologists in Europe related to the Coronavirus. Read more
See: Brussels, March 16, 2020

EFPA has launched today a statement concerning the role of psychologists:

EFPA Psychologists’ Support HUB  abou Covid-19 crisis

Corona virus disease COVID (download PDFs):
Psychological recommendations for journalists
Related recommendations for psychologists
Recommendation in relation to Children
Recommendations for persons in isolation or quarantine
Support and advice for schools and parents/carers (British Psychological Society)

EFPA’s Standing Committee on Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Psychology has issued the following statement.
Action is required to protect children in refugee camps
Children living in countries at war have come under direct attack, have been used as human shields, killed, maimed or recruited to fight. Rape, forced marriage and abduction have become standard tactics in conflicts from Syria to Yemen, and from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Nigeria, South Sudan and Myanmar. Read more

How to cope with traumatic news – an illustrated guide
ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

EFPA’s Executive Council has issued the following statement.
Your association is asked to give due publicity to this statement and to initiate any action that may contribute to the peaceful resolution of the conflict and to alleviate the burden on those affected by it. The European Federation of psychologists Associations (EFPA) herewith:

1.  Expresses its concern about the unfolding events in Ukraine.
2.  Calls upon its member associations to support their colleague psychologists from Ukraine and other countries affected by the current conflict. 3.  Advises psychologists to abstain from involvement in propaganda and psychological warfare related to the conflict.
4.  Asks attention for the mental health impacts of the developments on the people in Ukraine and other countries in the region.
5.  Points at the dangers of nationalism in further approaches to the conflict, and emphasizes the importance of putting shared values and interests above those that divide.
6.  Encourages psychologists with expertise in conflict resolution and in war and peace to contribute to de-escalation and peace promotion.
7.  Calls upon all parties to continue efforts to defuse the conflict by negotiations.

On behalf of the Executive Council
Prof. dr. Robert A. Roe
President of EFPA

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