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Objectives and mission

The working group for the psychology of crisis, disasters and trauma with the CMPS set the following objectives:

1. Development of the discipline in the following fields: psychology of mass disasters, uniformed forces during a disaster, psychology of crisis management, psychological aspects of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats, crisis communication, children and other vulnerable groups during disasters, etc.;

2. Collection and exchange of knowledge in the area: central point for information from the research area, best practice and guidelines for practice;

3. Partner for the international cooperation on behalf of the Czech Republic in the area (on the theoretical and applied level);

4. Interconnection of Czech and foreign trends and activities;

5. Transfer of information to experts in the Czech Republic: professional events, conferences, specific education and trainings;

6. Education of general population.

We welcome cooperation with colleagues who focus on the above issues and who are interested in further development of this discipline of applied psychology.

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